Where does the get together take place?


The Get Together takes place at The Evolved Life a 150 acre farm in Plattsville, a village in the Blandford-Blenheim township outside of Kitchener, Ontario. The exact location is 856587 County Road 8, Plattsville Ontario, N0J 1S0 (Using Google Maps). This land is alive with a spring fed river and pond, apple orchard, forest trails, cedar trees, tall grasses and is home to an eagles nest, 25 horses, diverse flora and fauna and luckily, us, for the duration of this festival!

The land was originally settled by the The Neutral Confederacy or Neutral people, an Iroquoian-speaking North American indigenous people who were displaced by First Nations nomadic peoples in the 1650s as a result of warfare with Iroquois and epidemics resulting from European colonization. We honour the original people’s of this land and are immensely grateful to call it our resting place for The Get Together.  

Driving Distance From Major Cities:

  • Toronto – 1 hour 25 minutes

  • Sarnia – 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Buffalo – 1 hour 55 minutes

  • Detroit – 2 hours 45 minutes

  • New York City - 8 hours and 15 minutes

We will be building from the ground up on this epic piece of land! Think, white wedding tents, 2 stages, a 100 person yurt, indigo tie dyed meditation station and so much more!

We will be building from the ground up on this epic piece of land! Think, white wedding tents, 2 stages, a 100 person yurt, indigo tie dyed meditation station and so much more!



Meet Rob and Shari Martin, Owner’s of The Evolved Life and our Generous Hosts!

“We believe that a vibrant and full life requires constant growth and change so why not grow and change “on purpose” or with purpose.”


Shari and Rob have a mutual passion to be of service to people. Their shared dream of owning their own farm and living the country life helped fulfill their passion to connect with nature and the “self”. Rob, working in the fire service of Kitchener for many years, developed lesions from over-exposure to smoke. This sparked an enormous change in their lives as they searched for ways to achieve optimal health and wellness. Everything from physical exercise, what they ate, what they put on their bodies, to meditation, yoga and functional movement. Their lifestyle changed. Self-care and obtaining a broader perspective became important priorities, so Rob became a yoga/meditation teacher and together they founded The Evolved Life.

“We hope what we share here and through our work at The Evolved Life we can help you re-ignite or find your passion so you can “Grow on Purpose” on your own Evolved journey.”

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Accommodation Options


Traditional Camping

(300 spots)

Bring your own tent and immerse yourself amidst The Evolved Life’s 150 acres of land, which provides endless space for you to call your home during our gathering.


  • Shared toilet & shower facilities


Adventure Camping (Sleeps 1 - 3)

(40 tents)

If you would like to attend The Get Together, but feel your tent set-up, floor resting, days are over, we have a limited number of adventure tents available! These tents are the classic setup with a twist! They have cots inside so you do not need to sleep on the floor. These tents are equipped with sleeping bags and lanterns. Please note, if you are looking for traditional bed-level comfort we suggest the Luxury Glamping option. You must book the full tent.

Each Tent Sleep 1 - 3 and includes:

  • 1 Classic 6 or 8 person, Waterproof Tent

  • 1 - 3 Single Cots

  • 1 - 3 Sleeping Bags (bring your own pillow)

  • 1 Lantern

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.26.25 PM.png

Glamping (Sleeps 1-2)


If you are incredibly excited to attend The Get Together, but feel your floor resting, sleeping bag days are over, we have a limited number of glamping options available! Our Canvas tents are artfully situated throughout the property and equipped with comfortable beds and bedding. You must book the full tent. Please reach out to inquire about pricing.

Each tent sleeps 2 and includes:

  • One double size bed (12 tents)

  • Or two twin beds (2 tents)

  • Linens

  • Closer access to toilets and showers

cot 2.jpg

Rental Cot (1 per person) - reach out if interested


If your floor resting, days are over, we have unlimited cot rentals available! These will keep you off the ground, however please note that if you are looking for traditional bed-level comfort we suggest the Luxury Glamping option. This cost is for the full 3-night rental

This includes:

  • 1 cot for 3 nights



Our incredible Luxury Tent Partner! So grateful for this awesome, organization, head up by Talia Rose Yeo @moonlight_glamping_

unnamed (4).jpg



The Sun Stage

Our outdoor main stage will keep us dancing all night long with our headlining bands, and will house our wisdomshare performances throughout our afternoons!

The Pond Stage

There is a large spring fed pond on the property open for swimming throughout the day. We will have Dj’s playing ambient beats pondside!

The Hearth

All of our scrumptious vegetarian meals will be held in our community dining tent, where we will all sit down together in The Hearth for connected dining experiences and great conversation.

The Change Maker Village

We have invited a plethora of Change Makers who specialize in different topics which they have built their own companies around. Each Change Maker will have their own tent where they will be running two hour workshops in the afternoons of our festival for everyone to attend.

The Gallery

We are thrilled to showcase attendee’s wisdomshare art projects in our onsite gallery, housed in a gorgeous 23X33 foot yurt!

The Meditation Station

We believe that quiet spaces are essential to any festival. If you feel like a moment of pause, or are looking for some solitude, you can’t miss our meditation station, housed in a 20-person, indigo tie-dye tent!

The Communal Fire

We will have a fire burning for the duration of the festival. This will be our “central hub” with many of the activities happening in the field around the fire. This is a place you can go at anytime, night or day to connect, play your acoustic instruments and warm your spirit.

The Forest Trails

There are countless walking trails on the property for you to enjoy nature, take a breather, or walk alongside the spring fed river that runs throughout the property.