Is defined as an act of inspired contribution, enacted through sharing your passions, knowledge, or skill sets with the community at large by offering:

  • A workshop.

  • An art project.

  • A live performance.

  • By volunteering your time.

  • Or by suggesting your own unique way of contributing!

EVERYONE who attends the festival will sign up to wisdomshare in one of these five ways. You do not need to be an expert (though should have an appropriately deep understanding of the topic/skill if you are teaching a workshop). In fact we encourage you to use this gathering as an opportunity to tap into and explore a hidden passion! We feel that contribution creates stronger communities, which is why we are asking everyone to participate! Ultimately, whoever says “yes” to attending each year creates the “experience” for all so we invite you to arrive as your most authentic, vulnerable self.

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Art Project


There are so many talented artists among us and if you would like to share your artwork with The Get Together community, we would be delighted to showcase your work for the duration of the gathering. This could be work that you have already created or that you choose to create specifically for this event. We request that you provide us with a brief description of the work so we can review what you are intending to share. You are also welcome (but not obligated) to provide text that you would like to be displayed alongside your work, either to add context or as an accompanying component (e.g. a poem or creative response).

You may also choose to do a participatory art project where you lead a group of participants in an art-making activity (which can either result in one large work or several individual works). We look forward to seeing what you create! If required you will be allocated a materials fee of $25.




Whether you’ve facilitated workshops many times or are new to facilitation, we invite you to tap into a passion or expertise and to share that with our community. We will support you in creating your workshop by providing you with a ‘Facilitation Guide Book’, a one-on-one skype call with a member of our core team to provide supportive feedback on your proposed offering.

Whether it be a formal presentation, a skill-building experience, a discussion group or an informal “hangout” with a loose theme, we welcome many workshop formats and topics. We highly recommend saying “YES” to this rare opportunity to step into your power as a facilitator and get tangible feedback from people who will help you thrive. Just by existing, you have life experience and learned skills that could be supportive for someone else to know. Join us and share your wisdom! If required you will be allocated a materials fee of $25 for your workshop.



Live Performance


Are you a performer? A musician, dancer or spoken word poet? We invite you to share your talent on our Performance Stage. There will be allocated times each day where people can wander throughout the gathering, choosing what they are interested in learning/experiencing. During these time slots we will create a lineup on the performance stage, allowing individuals like you to light it up! A video submission will be required in order to wisdomshare in this way!




Volunteering is an essential way of wisdomsharing. If you feel called to support the daily “happenings” of the gathering then this is the perfect contribution for you. Each day you will be required to devote 4 hours toward supporting the gathering at large. This includes helping prepare food in the kitchen, maintaining the grounds, helping to coordinate people by doing a shift at the information booth, etc.

This kind of contribution allows joy and ease to flow through The Get Together. We will allocate you to specific jobs, which you will indicate in terms of your preference on your volunteer submission form. This is a great way to make friends as you work alongside others, helping the whole gathering to to thrive.


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
— Vincent Van Gogh